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Virus tutorial V-Synth Tutorial

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 books powered by howard

Access 130 page Virus Tutorial (formerly “Programming Analogue Synths”)
Roland most of the 60 page tutorial The V-Synth Book - Beyond Reality
Access user manual for the TI (I’m not proud of this... had to write it on spec)

Access Virus Series Roland V-Synth Yamaha VL7 Waldorf Q Series
NI Absynth 2 Gmedia impOSCar Clavia Micromodular Arturia CS-80V

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 synthesizers powered by howard

CD for Waldorf Q

u-he Almost 1000 sounds for Zebra2 (ongoing project) incl. about 250 for Hans Zimmer
Access 128 presets in the Virus B (bank F) and Virus C (bank D)
Access hundreds more sounds (available on the Access website)
Access 128 more sounds for Virus TI series (bank ROM-C)
NI 35 presets in Absynth 2, including #01 Xyl Me Up
NI 40 presets in various Reaktor ensembles
NI 20 additional sounds on CD FM7 Sounds Vol 2
Waldorf 100 sounds for Q on CD Modern Production Soundset
Roland 50 presets in the V-Synth, including #001 Mad Orchestra
Roland 30 refill sounds for the V-Synth (see Roland websites)
Roland 50 presets in the Fantom series
Roland 20 presets in the VC-1 (D50 emulation card for V-Synth)
Roland 30 more presets in the Fantom Xa
Roland 30 presets in V-Synth Version 2
Gmedia/GForce 40 sounds for MiniMonsta
Steinberg 32 sounds for Monologue
Steinberg 100 sounds for Prolologue / Mystic / Spector
Virsyn 64 sounds for Tera 3

 just for fun

Yamaha 50 sounds for VL-7
Gmedia/GForce 50 sounds for impOSCar
GForce Several un-stringlike sounds for Virtual String Machine (VSM)
Arturia 50 sounds for CS-80V
Clavia 50 sounds for Nord Micromodular

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