Contact and Links

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Friends and Family

  • Gong the entire family --- source of all Gong CDs and the two Zorch CDs
  • Zorch Zorch’s MySpace offering, including clips from 1975 and 2001
  • Calyx the Canterbury Scene website --- Soft Machine et al
  • Graham Hinton finest MIDI hardware and design-to-order
  • Angie Scarr my talented sister --- miniature food?

Synth Manufacturers

  • u-he best all-round modular synth --- Zebra 2 (highly recommended!)
  • Access best VA hardware synths --- Virus series
  • Roland innovative sampling technology --- V-Synth
  • EMS fastest patching due to pin-matrix --- Synthi A / VCS3
  • GForce great VST clone plus ducking delay --- impOSCar
  • Arturia good VST clone due to detunable voices --- CS-80V

Anorak Interest

  • EMS Synthi A Basil’s highly modified machine as annotated image-map
  • Oldschool-sound French site --- source of synthesizer manuals (mostly PDF)
  • Music-Tech sucks I agree with most points made in this article!
  • K-v-R Source of information about new VST instruments

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