IMAGE - V-Synth
IMAGE - Virus Classic

28 HS sounds for V-Synth version 1 from

Hundreds of HS sounds for Access Virus (all models)


All 64 sounds (mostly HS) currently in my Yamaha VL-7 version 2

IMAGE - Micromodular

50 polyphonic HS sounds for Nord Micromodular - simple, expressive!


50 HS sounds for the Arturia CS-80V versions 1.0 or 1.2

IMAGE - impOSCar

36 HS sounds for Gmedia impOSCar

IMAGE - Virus Tutorial

PDF version of the Virus tutorial in english

PDF version of the Virus tutorial in spanish

IMAGE - V-Synth Book

PDF version of The V-Synth Book

If any links stop working, please let me know

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