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howard / gwyo in the “zone”

LINK to Zorch at MySpace
IMAGE - zorch as quintett in 1974LINK to EMS synthesizers

zorch as quintett in 1974
john andrews,
gwyo zepix, basil brooks,
neil thorpe, geoff coombs, confucius, ems synths

LINK to Zorch on MySpace

meet zorch

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meet the gong family...

IMAGE - rehearsing for v-synth demo IMAGE - sound design corner

panic before v-synth demo
frankfurt musikmesse 2004

sound design corner 2004, featuring
asr, cs-80v, virus c, v-synth, vl-7

2008 - contemplating the beauty of a glass of water with Hans Zimmer


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synth design studies

IMAGE - synth study 2 - modern access style


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