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Gwyo now has an all things synthesizer related blog at howardscarr.wordpress.com
Hektor Krome
We've recently reconnected with original Zorch publicist and photographer Hektor Krome. Still travelling the globe and inspiring others to travel independently.

Here's a pic of him high kicking a Zorch symbol which has become his trademark over the years. So if you find yourself in some far flung location and spot a bit of Zorch graffiti you'll know Krome's beaten you to it.

Kromed Zorch Symbol
Zorch at Sussex University 1976
Thanks to Hamish Macdonald for this photo retrieved from the archives, Hamish also promoted the concert.

Zorch at Sussex University 1976

Basil and Gwyo at the end of a Zorch concert at Sussex University in 1976. 

Equipment consisted of 3 EMS Synthi A synthesizers, 2 EMS KS Sequencer keyboards, an EMS DK2 keyboard, an EMS Synthi HiFli effects unit, an EMS Frequency Shifter and a Sony reel to reel tape recorder for echo. 

There was also a full lightshow provided by John Andrews and Mac Moody, sadly not visible in this photo due to the flash.

PA system was by Tony Andrews who went on to found Turbosound and now runs Funktion-One.
Zorch Synths
Contrast the above minimal equipment setup with the mixture of vintage and modern synths we used live at the more recent Gong Unconvention in Amsterdam 2006.

Zorch Synths Gong Uncon

Gwyo's Other Life
Gwyo has been keeping musically busy recently working with Hans Zimmer on the soundtrack to the latest Batman film The Dark Knight.

He has also been touring with Ayefore his Frankfurt based band who released there debut album Smoking Gum Evidence earlier this year.

There's a recent interview with Gwyo on the Audio News Room blog.

Gwyo with Ayefore
Thank You Gong Family
A huge thank you to all the wonderful people who came together at the Gong Unconvention in Amsterdam. A very very special event, a Rebirth of the Positive through Music & Togetherness. This is what we need...
Zorch Live @ GONG Family Unconvention
Zorch (and guests) will be playing live at the GONG Family Unconvention 3rd -5th November @ The Melkweg Amsterdam. For more info www.planetgong.co.uk
Zorch in Space
A new place in space
Frankfurt MusikMesse
Once again Gwyo will be demonstrating the Roland V-Synth at the Frankfurt MusikMesse April 6th - 9th. Drop by and say hello to him on the Roland stand.
Glastonbury Bubbles
Basil spent the weekend in a Glastonbury studio adding Synthi bubbles to some of the new tracks that Mark Robson has been busy recording. This chilled-out psychedelic feast for the ears is scheduled for release in time for the summer.
Sprinkling of Clouds
Here's some short MP3s of Gwyo playing his Virus patches.
Listen to "70s Psychedelic Space Dust". Strangely reminiscent of a certain Mr Blake in full flow?
Powered by Howard
Gwyo (aka Howard Scarr) now has his own website with plenty of synth related info and goodies. Here is the Howard Scarr website.
Gwyo's Tutorial
Download and read Gwyo's tutorial "Programming Analogue Synths" from the Access website. Here's a zip containing the pdf.
Spot the pic of Basil in EMS Synthi bubble mode.